Anne Hathaway, Michaela Coel sign on for David Lowery’s new thing

Following his “one for Disney, one for A24” pattern, the director of A Ghost Story, Pete’s Dragon, The Green Knight, and the upcoming Peter Pan & Wendy has signed with A24 for his next project, Mother Mary.

According to Deadline, Lowery’s follow-up to his thinly-elevated Disney pap will be an “epic pop melodrama” he’ll write and direct. Anne Hathaway is set to lead as a pop star, with Michaela Coel co-starring as an iconic fashion designer—the film focusing on their relationship. Jack Antonoff and Charli XCX will be in charge of conceiving the songs we’re meant to believe Hathaway got famous for. As if she wouldn’t just sing showtunes. We all know Anne Hathaway would sing showtunes. Les Misérables was the apt height of her singing stardom, because of course she’d belt out some Broadway tunes. But fine, maybe she could also be a Taylor Swift type through sharing the Horse Girl gene, right?

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