‘Arrested Development’ May Go Half Prequel for Season 5

Get ready to travel to a long-ago, forgotten time before Arrested Development rumors were a semi-monthly occurrence. According to TVLine, the long-planned but rarely developing fifth season of Arrested Development “will likely have a major prequel element” that sees other actors play the lead roles through flashbacks.

The series has done this before—most notably, when Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogen played a younger Lucille and George Bluth—but it’s said this will be on a much larger scale, with as much as half of the new episodes taking place in the past. The idea is that, with the busy schedules of the cast making it difficult to coordinate production, this approach could make another season more feasible to shoot “with lots of big group family scenes,” which would be a huge improvement over the fragmented fourth season. Of course, it would also mean that much of series now wouldn’t have any of the original stars in it…

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