Avengers: Infinity War took the opening weekend crown from The Force Awakens

It seems that making a new Star Wars after a decade-long wait is no longer Disney’s quickest route to a cool $250 million. Avengers: Infinity War just broke that quarter-of-a-billion mark in its domestic opening weekend, becoming the first film to do so and in the process topping The Force Awakens for the biggest U.S. debut ever. This “making an ever-growing series of expensive, interconnected superhero movies” thing might just work out!

And speaking of the “interconnected” part, people trying to catch up on their Marvel film obligations meant Black Panther climbed back into the box office top five. It took fifth with $4.3 million, Rampage dropped to fourth with $7.1 million, I Feel Pretty held at third with $8.1 million, and A Quiet Place fell back to the second spot with $10.7 million.

Next week, a twice-rescheduled remake of Overboard hits theaters, though, so watch out Avengers!

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