Barb & Star go to Disney for a Cinderella stepsister movie

Looks like Disney is going to keep on with their “what if we focused on the no-good ladies instead of the good ones now?” phase.

Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar writer-stars Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo to write a Cinderella movie from the perspective of the cruel stepsisters. Described as a fairy tale musical comedy, the film will follow the pair through their childhood, into the Cinderella story proper, and beyond—-which is also to say that Wiig and Mumolo will not play the leads (or at least not until the tail end).

Wiig and Mumolo also previously wrote Bridesmaids, so between having written for a pair of insufferable, flashy-dressing ladies and for unhappily wedding-adjacent women, this is right in their wheelhouse. Just a shame that with the casting skewing younger, we won’t see a Bridesmaids reunion with a Prince Hamm.

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