‘Beauty and the Beast’ (Fleshier Version) Set Box Office Records

Well, it seems that missing out on the homophobic, rural Alabama drive-in market didn’t hurt Beauty and the Beast all that much. Over the weekend, Disney’s flesh-and-CGI remake set a new March opening record, bringing in an estimated $170 million. That number also gives it the seventh-highest opening of all time, and the biggest opening ever for a PG-rated film. And what all that means is that Disney’s ongoing system of realistically updating its back catalogue isn’t going to stop anytime soon. I can’t wait until we finally see a photorealistic mother deer get shot!

Otherwise, last week’s top five films all shifted down a spot but otherwise held their positions. Next week: We find out if Power Rangers can compete against Beauty and the Beast‘s dominance in the realm of attractive-people-and-monsters-plus-a-very-minor-gay-moment. See you then!

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