The most belated yet timely YA entry arrvies with the Darkest Minds trailer

X-Men by way of any number of fellow young-adult novel adaptations, The Darkest Minds is the latest film to center on some very special teenagers battling (and romancing!) their way through a dystopian future. Amandla Stenberg—already a veteran to this sort of thing thanks to The Hunger Games and Everything, Everything—stars as one of a select group of kids that manages to survive some kind of child-killing plague. Turns out, the reason her and her friends were able to resist the illness is that they’re all super-powered mutants, Stenberg seeming to boast the ability to have red-eye in every photo. Conveniently timely, the movie sees the teens use their abilities to organize and rise up against the gun-toting adult government. 20th Century Fox will hope this somehow does well enough to wring a sequel or two out of when The Darkest Minds hits theaters August 3.

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