Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas do erotic thrills with Hulu’s Deep Water teaser

Here’s something you genuinely love to see: Someone let 9½ Weeks, Fatal Attraction, and Indecent Proposal director Adrian Lyne make another corny erotic thriller. Lyne hasn’t made a movie since the 2002 likewise erotic thriller Unfaithful, and someone was finally like, “Hey, want to do another one of those dumb horny things where something’s not right?” And he sure hell did.

This first teaser for Deep Water doesn’t reveal a lot beyond that Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas star—and that something’s off. It doesn’t even reveal why it sounds like it’s a shark-attack flick. But god bless Adrian Lyne for introducing the R-rated Lifetime Movie with Actual Celebrities genre to a new generation. If they’re going to drag back other ‘90s trends, time to give them this schlock too. Put on your JNCOs and check out this smoldering psychological horror, Gen Z.

Don’t worry; you can just stream it. It’s on Hulu March 18.

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