Ben Stiller has another midlife crisis in the ‘Brad’s Status’ trailer

As seems to happen every few years, Ben Stiller is having an on-screen midlife crisis. This time, it’s in Brad’s Status, the latest from writer-director Mike White (who it turns out last wrote for The Emoji Movie). The film sees Stiller as a father taking his teenage son to visit some top-ranked schools. Consequently, the road trip makes Stiller’s sad dad Brad goes into a depression as he dwells on his more successful college peers (Luke Wilson, Michael Sheen, and Jemaine Clement). It’s basically the 2008 Martin Lawrence comedy College Road Trip meets the unbearable whiteness of being (Brad is seemingly upset at merely being upper-middle class and happily married to Jenna Fischer). This latest exercise in pensive Stillerdom arrives September 15.

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