Book Club‘s trailer gives older women their pal-around movie and a dated focus on Fifty Shades of Grey

From Stand Up Guys, to Last Vegas, to Going in Style, the last decade has had no shortage of now-elderly, stalwart actors palling around for a film about their last sinful if not criminal escapade before death. But what about the aging women of Hollywood? Where is their completely disposable comedy promising three or four retirement-age stars and a similar number of gentle chuckles? The answer is here, accompanied by bottomless glasses of white wine, in the trailer for Book Club.

The directing debut of Bill Holderman, writer of the similarly old friends-obsessed A Walk in the Woods, the film sees Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen taking a break from being rom-com moms to be rom-com leads. The four play women whose long-running book club—and their views on sex—are upended by a very predictable and already dated novel of the month: Fifty Shades of Grey. Don Johnson, Andy Garcia, Richard Dreyfuss, and Craig T. Nelson co-star as the love interests in this septuagenerian Sex and the Clean, White Suburb.

Book Club hits theaters May 18.

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