BREAKING: Streaming Tommy Boy now a major motion picture event

Tommy Boy

Big industry news shaking Hollywood today: streaming Tommy Boy appears to be somehow noteworthy.

The depressing revelation comes courtesy of Paramount, the studio announcing they will be hosting a “virtual screening” of the 1995 comedy this Saturday at 8 Pacific, and in our current circumstances, that’s apparently remarkable.

While Tommy Boy is already widely available to digitally rent or buy for under five dollars, this presentation hits the absolute lowest baseline of significance in that it will stream over CYA alongside the talking head of director Peter Segal. There will also be a chat window, allowing the broader internet to ruin whatever minor pleasure may come from hearing the director of Nutty Professor II: The Klumps yap over a quarter-century-old David Spade-Chris Farley comedy.

Typically, that would be nothing, but now that is something. Wild, huh?

A sign that things aren’t soon to improve, Paramount is preemptively next week asking that we consider a screening of Wrath of Khan hosted by a couple Star Trek podcasters to also be something.

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