Broken Lizard do Hunchback of Notre Stoned in the Quasi trailer

You have to sort of respect that Broken Lizard is a group that is not evolving at all. They nabbed an aging cult following with a very specific thing, and they aren’t trying to change it. They are not The Beatles of lazy stoner humor. They’re more like The Raconteurs, with just a handful of minor hits amidst a slim catalogue firmly rooted in the ‘00s. So it makes perfect sense that the trailer for the Super Troopers and Beerfest team’s latest, the straight-to-Hulu Quasi, is both backed by The Raconteurs and feels like it’s from a 2008 unrated DVD preview. Have a look!

Yes, Quasi looks like an upscaled Hunchback of Notre Dame CD-ROM FMV cutscene. Yes, it comes out on 4/20—the longest-running non-joke of the century. But, ultimately, it seems fine for what it is. Which is to say: come, ye aged Millennials and Gen-Xers, and drink of this chalice of mediocre extended sketch comedy as another movie that, for some reason, these dudes keep getting to make.

Of the 2018 Super Troopers sequel you rightfully already forgot exists, critic Owen Gleiberman said the jokes felt “even mustier than they did the first time.” So imagine how fresh these new jokes will be half a decade later and based on an 1831 novel set in 1482 as adapted by 50-somethings for a streaming service!

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