Bruce Willis breaches new depths in the Breach trailer

No stranger to doing some absolute trash for a bit of cash, Bruce Willis once again finds himself dumpster diving for change in his latest, Breach.

Serendipitously arriving as Among Us has the world rapt with seeing shoddy graphics tell the tale of incognito aliens devouring a spaceship’s crew, Breach is exactly that. The Syfy-level film follows the final ark transporting the last of Earth’s citizens to the imaginatively titled planet of New Earth. (Earth 2 was already taken.) And with Willis and Thomas Jane leading the venture, you’d be right to guess this ship is headed straight to video. Anyway, it turns out some of the passengers are murderous aliens, and it’s up to Willis, Jane, and some younger, more attractive people to pretend they’re firing some goofy guns at them.

This thrilling trip to New Earth takes flight December 18.

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