Cast of The Intern joins Cate Blanchett in Armageddon Time

Ad Astrad director James Gray has lined up an impressive cast for his next feature effort, a film that is will almost presumably serve as an unofficial sequel to his favorite movie, The Intern.

Titled Armageddon Time, throwing Warner Bros. lawyers off the trail, the film already had Cate Blanchett attached. Of course, any illegal sequel to Nancy Meyers’ 2015 hit is also going to need original stars Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro’s involvement (and chemistry!), so now Gray has got them on board as well. Oscar Isaac and Donald Sutherland round out the cast, with Isaac likely filling the Adam Devine role and Sutherland playing a rival aged intern to De Niro—and they do NOT get along!

Deadline describes the film as “a drama based on [Gray’s] childhood memories, a big-hearted coming-of-age story that explores friendship and loyalty against the backdrop of an America poised to elect Ronald Reagan as president.” Imagine, if you possibly can, seeing an on-screen world in which The Intern does not yet exist. A young Jimmy Gray can only dream of it; feel emptiness where there should be a lightly comic two-hander; picture how out of place a 70-year-old would be in the youthful workplace of the future; and daring to ask, what if it happened again? Compelling stuff.

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