Channing Tatum made a dog movie called Dog and here’s the trailer

We’ve already done two remakes of Turner & Hooch (the last only months ago), yet here we are, with another tale of a U.S. federal agent inheriting a co-worker’s dog he learns to love—now with the militarism inherent to even just looking at Channing Tatum! See for yourself with this trailer for a movie that is literally just called Dog.

Tatum, who co-directed with Magic Mike writer Reid Carolin, stars as a Ranger tasked with bringing a fallen fellow Ranger’s dog to his funeral. This dog sucks. She is not a good girl. But, as spelled out in the trailer, Tatum and Dog merely need to understand each other better. They can and undoubtedly will become friends as man and titular Dog. And that is the entire movie—just as laughably reductive as its title. Never has a movie felt more like a Christian flick despite never evoking Christ. Somehow the pair behind two prominent male stripper movies have followed those up with a film in which Channing Tatum gives off the scent that he thinks jacking off is cheating. Especially with a Dog in the room.

Anyway, if you would like to buy tickets to a movie called Dog, one such movie hits theaters February 18.

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