Charlie Hunnam Ventures into Amazon (and Amazon Studios) in ‘Lost City of Z’ Trailer

At the turn of the century, British explorer Percy Fawcett, his mustachioed son, and his aide-de-camp journeyed into the Amazon on the hunt for a mysterious lost civilization. Fawcett’s peers mocked him, and he likely died pursuing his passion, disappearing in a 1925 expedition, never to return. But, hey, look who’s getting played by a Hollywood hunk in a feature film!

Based on the nonfiction bestseller, The Lost City of Z sees Charlie Hunnam, Tom Holland, and Robert Pattinson following Fawcett’s hopeless path into the jungle. Sienna Miller co-stars as the devoted wife who you just know one of those scoffing scientists moved in on as soon as Fawcett went missing. That lowlife, wife-stealing turd doesn’t have the ripped dude from Pacific Rim playing them now, though, do they? Game, set, Percy.

The Lost City of Z hits theaters in April.

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