Check Out the ‘Deadpool 2’ Short That Precedes ‘Logan’

While Logan is the X-Men franchise’s darkest and most violent chapter, in a way, it’s also the most Pixar-like. As noted in my review, it has the dystopian, isolated loneliness of Wall-E, the super-powered family unit of The Incredibles, the perilous journey towards a place of Finding Dory, the tear-jerking moments of hopelessness and loss of… pretty much every Pixar film. But mainly, it’s Pixar-ish in that it gives you a short film before its ensuing tragicomediventure.

Logan opens with No Good Deed, a three-minute short that serves as teaser to Deadpool 2. And now, thanks to YouTube uploader/actor Ryan Reynolds, you can watch it online again or for the first time. It’s very cyan.

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