Chewie finally reveals his age in the new Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer

With Solo: A Star Wars Saga hitting theaters next month, Disney and Lucasfilm have given us one last chance to pre-judge their troubled production with this worrisomely belated first official trailer.

While it’s long been assumed that the film would shoehorn as many cute little references and origins as possible—Ron Howard already suggested we’ll see Solo’s record-setting Kessel Run—this preview is the first confirmation of as much, an optimistic young Han (Alden Ehrenreich) saying he’s “got a really good feeling about this,” as opposed to the usual “bad feeling about this” spouted across the rest of the saga. It also gives us the first lines from Donald Glover’s Lando (including a “baby”!) and a taste of our new chatty droid, Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s L3-37 (oof, is that leetspeak?).

Solo will premiere among so many other character-focused Star Wars spin-off origin stories at Cannes when it debuts at the festival May 15. General audiences will have to wait to find out where Han bought his little vest when the film hits theaters May 25.

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