Chris Evans is the guy in the movie the toy was based on in Pixar’s Lightyear trailer

The living toy universe of Toy Story is about to get a bit more convoluted. Have a look with the new trailer for Lightyear.

The film sees Chris Evans replace Tim Allen as the voice of Buzz Lightyear—because this is the movie that’s the in-world movie the Buzz Lightyear toy was based on. It’s like if the first Toy Story was Woody interacting with Beastmaster, and now we get to see 1982’s The Beastmaster.

Would redoing Toy Story with Woody interacting with Beastmaster, and making The Beastmaster part of Toy Story canon, be the better option? Obviously. But here we are.

Lightyear will establish that the Beastmaster probably doesn’t even exist in this world when it hits theaters June 17.

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