Chris Hemsworth ventures into threadbare action-thriller territory in the Extraction trailer

That Chris Hemsworth Extraction lead is named TYLER RAKE tells you most of what you need to know to figure out just what kind of movie this is.

Written by Joe Russo and directed by his three-time Marvel stunt coordinator, Sam Hargrave, Extraction centers on an impossibly bad-ass mercenary (Rake, naturally) hired to rescue a crime lord’s kidnapped son. It ends up being difficult!

Everything about Extraction—and especially that it was never planned for theaters—makes it feel a touch below Hemsworth’s pay grade. (It would not at all be surprising to see Gerard Butler in the role.) But Hargrave has worked with another noted stuntman-turned-director, coordinating on David Leitch’s Atomic Blonde and Deadpool 2, so it’s very possible the action could elevate this thing above its rote plotting.

We’ll find out soon enough, because Extraction hits Netflix this month, and it’s not like we have anything else going on.

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