Clooney serves up a post-apocalyptic twist in The Midnight Sky trailer

George Clooney’s first directorial effort since the not-great Suburbicon, The Midnight Sky sees Cloons as a remote arctic scientist with a mission: stop a team of astronauts from returning to what they don’t yet realize is a post-apocalyptic Earth.

To be honest, this first trailer for the Netflix adaptation kind of gives up some of what’s going on here—but it seems like nothing the film itself won’t just as readily give up to any critical viewer. It’s like, “Ugh, is it just that? Is that what’s going on?” And yes, from cursory investigation, yes it is. Maybe it’s still a good movie! But this twist is… come on. That’s not doing anything for anyone.

Our suspicions about what’s going on with this non-speaking girl and her relationship to Clooney and Felicity Jones will be confirmed when Midnight Sky hits Netflix December 23.

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