Craig Gillespie to direct Dev Patel in Chippendales murder movie

Bad news, Chippendales fans of 2020: turns out, there was a dark side to the era of male strippers dressing like Snagglepuss, and you’re about to find out about it.

According to Deadline, Craig Gillespie is attached to direct a story about the foundation and later murder involved in an ’80s strip club gone wrong. Dev Patel will star as Steve Banerjee, the real-life Indian immigrant who bought a struggling LA club to create Chippendales, the weird strip club where men did exotic dances while wearing aspects of a tuxedo. Paul Snider, whose Playboy bunny girlfriend Dorothy Stratten helped invent the club’s signature “Snagglepuss but it’s a human” look, became a partner in the venue and would go on to commit a murder-suicide with Stratten.

The project, apparently in the works for 20 years, is Gillespie’s perfect I, Tonya follow-up, another true crime story with stupid costumes and that no one under 30 has any idea what the fuck is about.

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