Daring to be stupid, Daniel Radcliffe will play “Weird Al”

Thirty-seven years since his first comedic semi-biopic, “Weird Al” Yankovic is ready to again make one of those. Now with Daniel Radcliffe!

Radcliffe is reportedly set to star in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, a comedy that will stream exclusively on the Roku Channel as a co-production with Funny or Die. (It’s ad-based, so you don’t need a Roku, or to actually imagine paying for a Roku Channel.) Yankovic has already co-written the script with Eric Appel, expanding upon the latter’s Funny or Die short of the same name (below). Appel, who helmed the entirety of Quibi-turned-Roku series Die Hart, is also set to direct.

So now if someone asks which Hogwarts House “Weird Al” would be in, you can tell them to shut the fuck up.

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