Dave Bautista to explore range with My Spy sequel

As recently as last month, Dave Bautista has spoken again and again about being “picky and choosy” about roles, saying, “I don’t care about fame. I just want to be a better actor. I want respect from my peers.”

So it only makes sense that the actor has just signed on for a sequel to My Spy, the 2020 family comedy that sees him as a CIA agent who teams up with a nine-year-old girl. This one is for his fellow thespians!

Titled My Spy: The Eternal City, the follow-up sounds like a YA fantasy shift but instead merely sends the action to the eternal city of Rome. Yes, this is the classic “goes to Europe” sequel.

This time, the now-teenage Sophie (likewise-returning Chloe Coleman) is off on her school choir’s trip to Italy, and who better to chaperone than a little bald head stacked on a pile of trapezius muscles (Bautista)? There, they somehow become embroiled in an international terrorist plot—as do newcomers Anna Faris, Craig Robinson, and Flula Borg.

Original director Peter Segal is also returning to guide this exciting new chapter of Dave Bautista’s artistic growth. Like the part where Bautista’s JJ will this time scowl while eating a gelato.

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