David Ayer claims his Suicide Squad cut was a “layered, soulful, beautiful drama”

(It's not his mouth. It's just his hand.)

With Warner Bros. last month giving in to Justice League apologists to finally release the much fussed-over SNYDER CUT, already another DCEU director is claiming to have a drastically improved director’s cut of his superhero ensemble trash.

Over the weekend, Suicide Squad writer-director David Ayer took to Twitter to complain that the studio made him re-write, re-edit, and re-shoot his original vision over it being “too dark.”

“I wrote a perfectly coherent script,” Ayer said, setting what may be the lowest possible watermark for praise of a screenplay. Before Warner intervened, his film was apparently a “soulful drama” that was “methodical, layered, complex, beautiful, and sad.” Just as one demands of the movie about Captain Boomerang, the man-crocodile hybrid & friends!

As for the film’s take on Joker, Ayer claims “you have been lied to.” You know how you keep hearing the cruel rumors that it was pretty insufferable? Well, turns out, at some point it was “rich and dimensional.” The director did not clarify whether that point came before or after the subtle dimension of Joker tattooing “deranged” on his forehead.

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