David Spade gets promoted to Adam Sandler in The Wrong Missy trailer

The latest Happy Madison production sure to find inexplicable success on Netflix, The Wrong Missy is the answer to the never-asked question, “What would happen if someone won the grand prize of a Just Go with It-themed game show?”

David Spade is that winner. He won the all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii. He won the blonde Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue model. He won the comic actress who’s also still out of his league. He won the Nick Swardson supporting role. He even took home the Happy Madison bonus prize: a rough facial-haired Rob Schneider doing an accent. He got it all!

Promoted to the thankless, oft-seen Sandler leading role, Spade stars as “vacationing man who sometimes exhibits frustration.” For reasons beyond comprehension, a former Miss Maryland (actual former model Molly Sims) finds this 55-year-old man with the hair of a little boy doll attractive, and she has a meet-cute and impromptu date with him. Spade and his work buddy (Swardson), in a truly weirdo move, decide that the follow-up date should be attending their company retreat in Hawaii. But get this! Spade mixes up which “Missy” he texts the invitation, so Lauren Lapkus shows up instead. And she is playing it very big, which sometimes frustrates the vacationing man.

The Wrong Missy will plumb the depths of just what we’ll watch purely because it’s an actual, newly-released movie when it hits Netflix May 13.

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