Dax Shepard Jump-Streets the Highway Patrol in First ‘CHiPs’ Trailer

Following in the 21 Jump Street mold, CHiPs too reimagines a decades-old cop series as a buddy comedy. The difference here, though, is that our vaguely nostalgic police antics are under the stewardship of chill-bro auteur Dax Shepard. He writes, directs, and stars alongside Michael Peña in the update. As seen in this first trailer, now Peña’s Ponch, originally played by Erik Estrada, has been made an undercover FBI agent investigating corruption in the California Highway Patrol. Apparently something fishy is going on in the world of traffic violations. Also, now the protagonists are entirely preoccupied with penises. Dicks gets the spotlight three times in this preview alone, whereas, in the show, the patrolmen pretty much never specifically referenced their penises. So that’s an interesting modernization.

You can find out how many other gratuitous crotch shots Shepard thrust in here on March 24.

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