DC gets a Spider-Man with fewer legs with the Blue Beetle trailer

One of the last vestiges of the pre-Gunn DC comics movies, Blue Beetle sees Warner Bros. still playing catchup with Marvel both in looking like slop  and in having a story about a wide-eyed teenage boy becoming a critter-based superhero with a needlessly-complex, multi-armed tech suit. Which is to say: Lookie here, it’s the trailer for Blue Beetle.

Which is also to say: it basically just seems like Spider-Man: Homecoming looking even more like a Playstation 4 game. But apparently it’s good enough that Batgirl became Warner’s sacrificial lamb over this, so, sure; why not? We can’t keep worrying about every superhero movie coming out. We have to move on with our own discreet lives. Anyone who’s brought up 2008’s The Dark Knight in this calendar year just needs to drop it and see some more movies. There’s a lot of good stuff going on now and in the past, and whether or not Blue Beetle is cool shouldn’t be an issue for any adult. It’s probably fine for something that seems to be DC’s take on a Freeform pilot.

Sorry, what were we even talking about?

Oh, right. Blue Beetle is headed, shockingly, not to HBO Max but to theaters August 18.

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