Denzel and Malek are on the hunt for Leto in The Little Things trailer

What if The Alamo and The Blind Side writer-director John Lee Hancock of tried to give his own spin to Seven? Time to find out with The Little Things.

The crime thriller sees old veteran deputy Denzel Washington team up with young Los Angeles hotshot detective Rami Malek on the hunt for a serial killer. Their prime suspect? Jared Leto. But how do they nail the bastard? And, more importantly, what is the frustrating twist ending going to be? Because if any of the three are the same person, they can fuck off right now.

This first trailer is pretty sharp, and with a lead cast of all Academy Award winners, it could be a good one. Still, hard to ignore Hancock’s resoundingly middling Hancock scrawled on this thing.

The Little Things is getting a perhaps telling January release in theaters and on HBO Max.

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