Denzel Washington gets right back to killing child sex traffickers in the first Equalizer 2 trailer

If you saw the first, surprisingly-successful Equalizer, you already know the deal here. If you didn’t, well, you’ll still get the idea if you’ve seen any of the “60-something man with very particular set of skills comes out of retirement” films that have murdered innumerable goons since Taken hit theaters a decade ago. Denzel Washington stars as Robert McCall—THE EQUALIZER—a former CIA black ops guy who now, as seen in a particularly egregious bit of product placement, just drives Lyft for some fun money. But when his old CIA friend Melissa Leo is killed, and he learns it’s an inside job led by his old partner, he knows that he must, yes, EQUALIZE. By killing a bunch of dudes. Pedro Pascal co-stars as THE ONLY FRIEND MCCALL’S GOT! (OR IS HE???). The Antoine Fuqua-directed film hits theaters July 20.

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