It’s dirt-biking boy meets robot dog in the A-X-L trailer

Officially described as being “in the vein of classic ’80s family movies Short Circuit and Flight of the Navigator,” A.X.L. may instead give modern audiences memories of last year’s wretched Monster Trucks. The film stars Colony‘s Alex Neustaedter as a young man who inexplicably finds a highly-advanced, government-created robot dog speared in a junkyard. The two bond over play and a keychain specifically designed to bond the dog; unfortunately, those rotten government cyber-dog inventors want their skinless Terminator pooch back, and they give chase we’ve seen across so many aforementioned films. Power Rangers‘ Becky G co-stars, as does Thomas Jane, whose extremely visible involvement is somehow not mentioned on IMDb—or much of anywhere else, from what it seems. So that’s… that’s not a good sign, is it?

We’ll find out when A-X-L (or AXL, or maybe A.X.L.—it seems the title’s punctuation isn’t quite sorted yet, either) hits theaters August 24.

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