Disney+ reveals their weird alien talk show with Jim Henson Co.’s Earth to Ned trailer

One look at Ned, the alien star of Disney+’s upcoming Earth to Ned, and his weird, glitzy open robe-thing tells you: this guy’s a real orgy guy. He fucks, he fucks often, and he fucks hard. But Ned is not here to inseminate us—at least not openly. He’s here to host a talk show.

Have a look with this new trailer, teasing a season that will see Gina Carano, RuPaul, Joel McHale, Kristen Schaal, Taye Diggs, Billy Dee Williams, Raven, join Ned on a couch he’s stained hundreds of times. It’s basically Jim Henson’s belated Late Night Wars answer to Space Ghost Coast to Coast by way of Alf, Mass Effect, and Oddworld.

Ned arrives, still reeking of all the sweat and sex of an hours-long otherworldly encounter, September 4.

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