Donnie Yen does plus-sized martial arts in the Enter the Fat Dragon trailer

A loose remake of the 1978 Sammo Hung comedy of the same name—which ostensibly involves more clever wordplay in its native Cantonese—Enter the Fat Dragon sees Donnie Yen doing his Donnie Yen thing, but now in a fat suit. He plays a martial arts expert and Hong Kong cop who, by American cop standards, is not even notably overweight. And seeing how it’s also increasingly frowned upon to be fat-shaming to begin with, it’s unclear on multiple levels how this will play in the U.S.

Nevertheless, it’s coming to home video July 14, so here’s a trailer that does just about everything it can do downplay that it’s dubbed. Watch and marvel at the agile, husky man who seems to have some kind of Joe Shishido thing going on.

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