Doug Liman volunteers to shoot Tom Cruise in(to) space

Doug Liman has volunteered to help Tom Cruise Live. Die. In Space.

According to Deadline, Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow director is attached to helm the hotly-anticipated Untitled Project Where We Fire Tom Cruise into Space and See What Happens. It’s said Liman helped the stunt-loving actor come up with this idea, presumably stoned on the couch pondering, “Dude… what if we shot a movie but, like… in space? Like, LITERALLY in space. Wouldn’t that be fucked up?” He’s since sobered up and written a first draft of the script, but still the only known details are that Cocktail himself will be floating in the distant void, an unsubtle fuck you to longtime foe Matt Lauer for making a big to-do out of traveling within Earth’s atmosphere.

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