Dr. Steve Brule’s sweet berry wine now a real thing you can buy

Dr. Steve Brule doesn’t even like wine. But guess what: you’re gonna like it. Because the “sweet berry wine” that Brule was supposed to spit out is now an actual wine that assumedly tastes like fruit.

Though wine was invented by the Romans—for orgies—this particular one comes from Tim & Eric‘s Eric Wareheim. The comedian is about to launch his own, completely serious wine label, Las Jaras, and as part of its initial offerings, he’s slapped John C. Reilly’s tuberous mug on a bottle and given us an official Sweet Berry Wine.

Speaking to Wine Enthusiast, Wareheim clarified that despite the drunken Brule on its façade, this is a legit red.

He explained, “I talked to Tim and John and said, ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if we made a Sweet Berry Wine?’ We had two ideas. One, it could be disgusting, like Manischewitz, really sugary wine. Or, why don’t we make it good? We were like, ‘We should make it good.'”

Get a bottle to save alongside your aging bottle of Titus Andromedon’s Peeno Noir this Friday at the soon-to-launch Las Jaras site. For your wine!

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