Dwayne Johnson and Issa Rae to give HBO much-needed backyard wrestling series

It’s happened to us all: a shirtless, hulking man dives off the roof of his garage onto a folding table, crashing it into you and a stack of fluorescent lightbulbs, and as blood begins to obscure your vision of the barbed wire-wrapped 2×4 approaching your face, there’s a brief moment where you wonder, “Why would a human being willfully commit to this?”

Well, HBO is going to give us the answer. According to Variety, Issa Rae, the network has Dwayne Johnson, and Johnson manager/producer/ex-wife Dany Garcia attached to executive produce a new series about the creation of a backyard wrestling organization.

Titled TRE CNT (apparently spoken as “count,” not the more obvious thing), the half-hour series “focuses on Cassius Jones, a young dock worker and struggling pro-wrestler, who uses inherited life-insurance money for start-up cash and the deed to a shotgun house from his grandfather to start a hip-hop-centric backyard wrestling empire in Houston’s Third Ward (The Tre) with the help of his working-class family, neighbors, and friends.”

Given that Johnson also recently produced and appeared in the amateur wrestling-themed Fighting with My Family, one thing is clear: this guy desperately wants more untrained grappling happening at a local level.

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