Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot play a predictable cat-and-mouse-and-cat/mouse game in the Red Notice trailer

Get ready for an overdose of overly-confident swaggering charisma, because Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson partner up to stop Gal Gadot in the trailer for Red Notice.

Directed by über-Colin-Jost Rawson Marshall Thurber, Netflix’s latest feature is exactly what you already assume it is. They’ve all done this shtick before—Johnson even doing it twice before for Thurber. Reynolds is insufferably wise-cracking Ryan Reynolds. Johnson is big, tough, annoyed guy Dwayne Johnson. Gadot too is doing whatever it is Gal Gadot typically does. Just sort of being Padma Lakshmi as an Israeli Special Forces agent? Whatever you want to call it, she’s doing that again; kicking ass and stiltedly taking names. She also lets her hair down to kick ass, which is a perplexing choice.

Anyway, the plot sees Johnson back in Fast gear to be the unsmirking government guy going after the cooler thieves. He manages to catch cartoonish art burglar Reynolds, but with the two respectively switching into Central Intelligence and The Hitman’s Bodyguard mode, they end up having to reluctantly team up in a mismatched buddy action-comedy. The reason? To capture the world’s other greatest art burglar, Gal Gadot. Inevitably, this cat-and-mouse game leads to them all getting dressed to the nines and having little double entendre-filled slow dances, because this thing looks utterly rote. You’ve seen that scene in these sorts of movies before, so here it is again. You’ve seen these exact performances from these exact stars in movies before, so here they are again.

They could at least have the decency to surprise us with a full-on threesome in there when Red Notice hits Netflix November 12.

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