Edgar Wright is making a nostalgic android movie

Edgar Wright has found his first non-original project—and, sorry, it isn’t that thing he was going to do about horny teens and giant grasshoppers.

According to THR, the director’s follow-up to his upcoming Last Night in Soho is an adaptation of the upcoming novel Set My Heart to Five. Written by Simon Stephenson, who’s also handling the screenplay, the book is “set in an all-too human 2054,” whatever that means. It centers on Jared, an android dentist who has an emotional awakening that leads him on a journey to find his creator and write a world-changing screenplay. It’s said his epiphany is driven by a newfound love of ’80s and ’90s cinema.

While there’s not yet a timeline for the production, those interested in emotionally-stunted men fixated on ’80s and ’90s movies can always hit up reddit.

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