Elisabeth Moss is going to be an axe murderer

This, but axier.

Elisabeth Moss is re-teaming with Mad Men writer Robin Veith for another series about the dark underbelly of the cheery domesticity of a bygone age. And this one also has someone getting all fucked up with an axe!

The pair are reportedly in development on Candy, a series about a suburban mother and housewife who hacked up a fellow churchgoer. Moss will star as Candy Montgomery, the real-life woman who in 1980 brutally slaughtered the wife of the man she had quietly ended an affair with seven months prior. The story—given in great detail in this set of Texas Monthly articles—was already adapted into a 1990 TV movie. That version didn’t show a crazed Elisabeth Moss cleaving a woman 41 times with an axe though, so already this take is better.

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