Enjoy Kelsey Grammer, WWE’s Edge, Denise Richards, and every Lawrence brother in the Money Plane trailer

Quiver—the straight-to-video distributor behind such thrilling genre schlock as the Nicolas Cage vehicle Running with the Devil, Fred Durst’s abominable The Fanatic, and the recent Paul Blart: Neo-Nazi—has another dubious offering for us.

Co-written and directed by former child actor Andrew Lawrence, Money Plane finds the WWE’s Edge living the late ’90s dream of being married to Denise Richards. Unfortunately, he also finds himself in debt to mob Boss star Kelsey Grammer, and to pay that debt, Edge and his team (Lawrence and Thomas Jane among them) are going to have to take down—you guessed it—the MONEY PLANE. The Money Plane is apparently a flying casino loaded with cash and crypto, and if you’re thinking you could maybe just shoot the Money Plane until the money pours out, you’re kidding yourself: Money Plane is expressly bulletproof, you fool.

Just as with Lawrence’s directorial debut, a rom-com that was somehow released just four months ago, Joey Lawrence and Matthew Lawrence also of course find their way on-screen. Their Brotherly Love reunion nobody asked for hits on-demand July 10.

UPDATE: It turns out Grammer’s character is named Darius Emmanuel Grouch, because he is a Muppets villain.

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