Ethan Coen has found his so-called “drive-away dykes”

Ethan Coen has found the leads for his first solo directing effort—even if he has yet to find a more marketable title than what’s in the headline.

According to Deadline, Margaret Qualley (Maid, Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood) and Geraldine Viswanathan (Blockers, Miracle Workers) have been cast in Coen’s latest—a Roger Corman-inspired road-trip action sexy comedy that is now untitled but once was called Drive-Away Dykes.

As previously reported, the film will see “a skirt-chasing party girl” and “her buttoned-down friend” on a Philly-to-Miami romp that involves “a severed head in a hatbox, a mystery briefcase full of plaster phalluses, a melange of angry pursuers, an evil senator, a bitter ex-girlfriend, and loads of hot, boyless sex.” Like when a family births identical twin cousins, it is not yet clear who will be skirt-chasing and who will be buttoned-down.

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