Evildoers Beware: It’s Amazon’s New ‘The Tick’ Trailer

The first trailer for Amazon’s The Tick series is here, and like too many things you get from Amazon, it looks a lot cheaper than it did in the picture. In the title role, Peter Serafinowicz is still the most pitch-perfect follow-up one could ask for after Patrick Warburton’s memorable portrayal. But it’s unfortunately difficult to overlook just how dated and unprofessional the whole production feels otherwise. Like your child’s drawing of your family, it’s only a love of who made this, and of those portrayed within, keeping this from being disregarded as an amateurish mess. The good news, though, is that with Tick creator Ben Edlund steering the ship, the writing should hopefully make up for the fan film-level production values. A celebratory “spoon!” may yet be warranted. We’ll find out when The Tick premieres on Amazon August 25.

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