Fantasy Island trailer reveals that apparently we remade this again already

One of the last films to hit theaters before the pandemic shutdown last year, Blumhouse’s movie remake of Fantasy Island arrived to relatively modest box office returns and bleak reviews—and it’s no wonder. The Fantasy Island brand means absolutely nothing to anyone under 45, with even elder Millennials likely remembering it mostly as a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial reference that their parents had to explain (Why does the small man keep saying “de plain”???).

Yet here we are, not even a year-and-a-half later and already another plane is arriving at this cursed property.

As seen in the above trailer, Fox has apparently made another Fantasy Island reboot—this one taking the original form of a crummy broadcast drama. Time to once again echo the cautionary tale that magical wishes often come at a price. Yet our collective wish that no one inexplicably remake The Love Boat still seems so sound, doesn’t it?

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