Fast/Furious maintains its stupidity velocity in new F9 teaser

In this first look at F9, Vin Diesel opens it by saying “the world has a way of changing.” That is exactly the level of laughable profundity the Fast/Furious franchise deserves, so it’s the perfect intro to all the awesomely dumb shit to follow. The thought-dead Han becomes the series’ latest inexplicable resurrection in this one, joined by the likewise surprise return of Tokyo Drift‘s Twinkie (it turns out this was Bow Wow’s name in that). John Cena, Cardi B, and Michael Rooker are among the newcomers, as is what seems to be a giant magnet that pulls a car through a building and into the back of a cargo truck. Vin doesn’t really know how to make jokes, so when he says they “crank it all the way up,” he isn’t kidding.

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