Fast X has a new director a week into production

Another Family loss for Vin.

Louis Leterrier is joining that hallowed list of those who have told Vin Diesel to “shift gears with more intensity this time.”

The Clash of the Titans and Now You See Me director is reportedly nearing a deal to take on directing duties on Fast X, the tenth chapter of the over two-decade saga about driving cars into, over, under, and out of various things.
The news comes following director Justin Lin’s departure from the film less than a week ago. Though the film was already more than a week into production, it’s said the five-time Fast franchise director walked away due to the usual, vague “creative differences”—which, in this case, you gotta figure heavily involved Vin Diesel. Especially when you see Line’s dead-eyed, defeated exhaustion with the oblivious actor in this Diesel-posted video.

Perhaps The Incredible Hulk‘s Leterrier will have better luck with the hulking, scowling man.

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