‘Fate of the Furious’ Trailer Just as Joyfully Stupid as You’d Hope

Across seven films of ridiculously ascending stakes, the Fast/Furious family has pitted cars against cars; cars against tanks; cars against yachts; cars against airplanes; cars against skyscrapers; cars against a vexing, unlikely continuity. You’d think that, at this point, Vin Diesel might be exhausted of things to pit cars against. What else is there?

Submarines. The answer is submarines.

So declares this trailer for The Fate of the Furious, the eight film in this, our most enjoyably asinine of franchises. This time around, Furious 7 villain Jason Statham is forced to team up with his former action set-piece co-stars to take down a bigger threat: VIN DIESEL.

Yes, bnetraying his countless ramblings about family, Vin has turned against his crew to seemingly team up with cyber-terrorist Charlize Theron. Is he undercover? Is Fast and Furiosa controlling him with some kind of chip in his smooth head? Is he possessed by an evil car demon? In this stage of the series, all seem equally plausible. Isn’t it great?

We’ll find out if it’s, like, alien grubs that entered his body through a tainted Corona bottle when the film hits theaters April 14.

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