Film to tell story of Zachary Quinto, famous TV chimp Spanky, the Ice Capades, and a serial killer

Have you heard the story about the animal trainer who trained a chimp to skate with the Ice Capades before getting murdered by a serial killer? Well, don’t sweat it, because you will soon.

Zachary Quinto is reportedly set to star as said animal trainer in He Went That Way, a road-trip crime-thriller about this very thing. The Kissing Booth and Euphoria’s Jacob Elordi will costar as the serial killer who had a three-day encounter with a man who makes chimps skate. It’s a weird thing—but maybe not as weird as the film’s approach to making an ape get on the ice.

It’s said, “Zippy the chimp, based on [real-life] Spanky, will be a fusion of a suited character actor and animatronics created by Legacy Effects.”

So, yes, this is 1996’s chimpanzee baseball movie Ed by way of Hannibal:

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