‘The First Purge’ trailer isn’t subtle, even for the ‘Purge’ franchise

The teaser for The First Purge arrived in step with Donald Trump’s first State of the Union, and it’s pretty clear that was no coincidence. A prequel to the original Purge, the film sets up the inaugural title event, 24 hours when Americans are free to commit whatever crime they wish without legal consequence. The films’ rationale for the Purge has always been a bit dubious—that it would proive a release that lessens crime the rest of the year fundamentally misunderstands the nature of most crime—but it seems this origin story will use the current White House as inspiration for how something so backwards could be passed into law. That the trailer suggests as much with a red, slogan-embellished cap isn’t exactly subtle, but these days, what political statement is?

The First Purge will smack theaters across the face with its understated message on—when else?—July 4.

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