Force of Nature trailer gives new reason to ostracize Mel Gibson and Emile Hirsch

From Twin Falls Idaho, Jackpot, and Northfork director Michael Polish, here’s a film decidedly not at all like any of those.

The indie director has apparently now transitioned into making garbage VOD thrillers for wife Kate Bosworth, and here’s our first taste in the trailer for Lionsgate Home Entertainment’s Force of Nature.

Shunned-from-Hollywood-proper actors Emile Hirsch (misdemeanor assault on a Paramount executive) and Mel Gibson (offenses too numerous to list) star alongside Bosworth in what amounts to an overblown home invasion picture. It seems Gibson’s apartment complex contains a wealth of money and also guns, and the guy from Dexter has a crew trying to steal the money. So Gibson and Hirsch are using the guns to stop that. The “force of nature” bit is an approaching hurricane, but something tells me maybe it’s also Mel Gibson? Like maybe he is so awesome that one could consider him a force of nature? As in he is just as impossible to stop and just as intense as something like a hurricane? Because if so—wow!—that guy from Dexter better watch out!

Interested parties can pay to watch this starting June 30.

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