Four Seasons landscaping debacle headed to the screen

It’s been three months since Rudy Giuliani held a press conference in front of a rundown landscaping facade. Most of us have moved on to other ways public officials are doing things that would be hilarious were they not so horrifically incompetent. But as a dumbass Super Bowl commercial last night reminded us, not all are so quick to forget the Four Seasons Total Landscaping debacle. The Trump administration’s mix-up and stubborn follow-through of confusing the Four Seasons (the luxury hotel) and Four Seasons Complete Landscaping (your complete landscaping solution) for a press conference locale will soon be on the screen again.

Emmy-nominated filmmaker Christopher Stoudt has reportedly shot a documentary on the subject—aptly titled Four Seasons Total Documentary, to avoid any mix-up with the associated landscaping company. Undefeated Oscar winners Glen Zipper and Sean Stuart are producing.

A statement said the film “will give a firsthand account of the rollercoaster journey that one well-meaning small business in Philadelphia went through when they agreed to host a political press conference in the midst of the most hard-fought American election in recent history.” No telling whether Giuliani shoves his hands in his pants for this one.

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