Frasier is probably coming back to TV too

Joining the likes of Roseanne, Will & Grace, Full House, Murphy Brown, and Mad About You, Frasier is the latest ’90s broadcast sitcom to be dragged back out for another go. CBS TV Studios and star Kelsey Grammer are reportedly already taking pitches with writers on how to reheat this old platter of scrambled eggs. It’s said the central issue is just what form the new Frasier would take. One idea is to just do a straight update to the series, toss Frasier’s salad onto Sirius XM, get the old cast back together, and do the same schtick. But it’s said they’re also considering a more thorough reboot that might place Frasier among a new cast of characters he can act like a dick toward.

Sadly, both of these approaches ignore that we’ve already seen the way to bring Frasier into the future…

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